Mastic Sealing Tape® – Product Information


Creates an ideal substrate for overcoating.

Adheres to steel, aluminum, wood, EPDM, tar, and rubber, to seal holes and gaps.

Flexible: MST is inert, inorganic and will not rot, decay or be affected by bacteria/fungus.

Relatively thin: the tape is 40 mils (1 cm) thick.

Variety of sizes: comes in 10, 15.2, 60 and 91 cm widths, all with a 20 meter length.

Can be applied to steel, aluminum, wood, and concrete.



Used for steel buildings, grain bin bases, mobile home seams, air filtration, foundations, decks, earth sheltered houses and many other waterproofing problems.

Mastic Sealing Tape can be coated with RustGrip® to protect small holes on a steel surface.

Combined with SuperTherm® and EnamoGrip® to create a monolithic (no seam) roofing system that is tough, insulates, ponds water effectively, and bounces hail off without damage.


Although Mastic Sealing Tape can be applied by non-professionals, SC2 Trading recommends using a certified applicator. To get more information, please contact us at



Surface must be clean and completely dry, with no loose debris or particles, rust, dirt, oil, films or residues of any kind. Mastic Sealing Tape will cover previous coatings if they are fully adhered to the surface.


Application methods

Simply remove the covering off the back of the MASTIC SEALING TAPE to expose the adhesive backing. Then apply over the surface taking care to completely cover seams and cracks, and push out air.


5°C (41°F) or above.



It is not intended as an exposed surface and must be completely covered after application.