Graffiti Cleaner® – Product Information


  • Ultimate graffiti protection. Designed to work with EnamoGrip® to keep surfaces free and clean of graffiti.
  • Environmentally friendly, it is totally biodegradable.
  • 100% water-soluble.
  • Non-flammable, so it is safer than acetone with similar effectiveness.
  • Uses
  • Cleaning graffiti off of walls coated with EnamoGrip®.
  • Cleaning paints and other coatings off of surfaces, such as walls and floors.



  • Graffiti Cleaner can be easily applied by non-professionals.


Application instructions

  • Spray on surface.
  • Wait 15 minutes to allow Graffiti Cleaner to work.
  • Power wash or hose off of surface.


Freezing Point: -20°C
Boiling Point: 202°C
Flash Point: 197°C
Precautions: Do not allow any contact with skin or eyes.
LimitationsAvoid use to clean graffiti from painted surfaces, as it may remove the base paint as well.