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About Us...

SC2 is a company with the exclusive distribution rights for many new and revolutionary products that have unique properties. Their functionality is many times larger than comparable products. Therefore we try to achieve a more efficient production process for our customers by creating savings on energy, maintenance and production.


The products are mainly produced in the United States of America where they are constantly developing new technologies and formulas for their coatings, in a way that their added values solve problems and save costs.


As a relatively young company we are established in Deventer, in the east of the Netherlands and have recently opened another office in Werkhoven, the centre of the Netherlands. Please come and visit us on our historical location.


Werkhoven Office



Superior Coatings & Concrete Trading

Beverweertseweg 60, 3985 RE, Werkhoven

The Netherlands

KvK nr: 8150219

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